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Name/Stage Name: 

 Keith reader aka DJ.K

Show title & Genre:

DJ.K old skool hardcore,jungle D&B & Speed Garage specials.

Currently training on Shippers Saturday morning Breakfast show watch this space for details of my new show coming soon.



Interests & Hobbies:

DJing,Weight training,and Driving



Musical Background/History:

I started learning to mix when I was nineteen,I’ve played at 3 other radio stations,I’ve played out as resident dj and covered loads of parties.



How did you get involved with B@SE radio?

I met mike shipway when I was doing a set down Trojans gym and he offered me a chance to go on base radio Bristol




Still djing and I have a wicked family


Musical aspirations:

I’ve grown up with all types of music but I do enjoy playing the old skool and old skool remarsterd



Most Influential Tracks:

There are just so many tracks that I’m influenced by I could be here all day,ok here one let me be your fantasy by baby D



Message to the B@SE radio Community:

I can’t thank everybody enough for tuning in to my show every time I go on air thank you very much.

You could be

DJ K`s

Offical Sponsor




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