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Mr Demic & Daysta Official Sponsor
Name/Stage Name   

Mr Demic & Daysta


Show title & Genre:

Hip Hop Fanatixxx

Mon 7pm - 9pm

Hip Hop,


Interests & Hobbies:


The History of Hip Hop, Producing,



Musical Background/History:


I first got into hip hop back in '83, I know, I’m Old. I started mixing around '87 and started rapping in 1990. I began to produce my own stuff so I started crate diggin around the same time, then crate diggin opened the world of music to me, now I listen to anything from Opera to Folk. I've been playing on radio mostly on pirate radio for around 20 years. For the past 5 years I have been playing on an internet station representing old skool hip hop - www.classichiphopllc.com.

And you can listen to my show on B@SE radio every Mon 10am-noon.


How did you get involved with B@SE radio?


I have been involved with B@SE since the beginning and have helped it to grow into what B@SE is today - an internet radio station for South Bristol.




Power Fm, Dance Fm, Power Jam, Truevibe Radio, Passion Radio, Classic Hip Hop Radio


Musical aspirations:


To See B@SE Running on FM or DAB


Most Influential Tracks:


Russell Brothers – Party Scene

Andrea Bocelli  - Con Te Partirò

Jimmy Castor – Its Just Begun


Message to the B@SE radio Community:


I want to thank all those that have supported B@SE,

please spread the word B@SE is here for you.