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Name/Stage Name   


Dawn Harrison AKA DJ Dizzy D                                        


Show title & Genre:

Dizzy D’s Bedtime Show

Wednesday 5.30-7.30

Taking request from the kids, Disney, nursery rhymes, any kids songs.

Also sharing a bedtime story for all the family to enjoy.


Interests & Hobbies:


I currently work with children who have additional needs and their families which I very much enjoy. In my spare time, I like to go out and about with my family, particularly enjoying trips to theme parks. I am also part of a local armature dramatics group and enjoy preforming a Pantomime every February.

How did you get involved in B@SE Radio?


I have always wanted to get involved in radio, particularly aiming it towards the kids. My husband used to work with Shippers and tried to get him involved but it wasn’t quite his thing. I, however, jumped at the chance.




Getting onto the stage and now getting onto Base Radio Bristol is my big achievements. That and adopting my beautiful children.


Musical aspirations:


I would love to give kids the opportunity to enjoy music they want to hear, on the radio like the good old days, where families used to sit around the radio and enjoy shows like listen with mother.


Most Influential Tracks:


I don’t really have specific tracks I am most influenced by but I do love a bit of ABBA and Meatloaf. These in my eyes are music legends.


Message to the B@SE radio Community:


Come on kids, get your family, request the music or stories you want to here and away we go. Dizzy D over and out.