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Name/Stage Name: 


DJ daddi



Show title & Genre:


The DJ daddi Dance Show 

The show features various styles of House music

i.e. Funky, Disco, Soulful & Deep House

as well as some club classics

from years gone by in the Vintage Vinyl feature.



Interests & Hobbies:


Music & DJing/Socialising, Travel & Gardening



Musical Background/History:


Experienced all-round entertainer & DJ, originally from & still living in South Bristol, but having gained lots of experience by working in various Clubs & Bars around the country. Currently, a lot of my club & bar work is based in & around Bristol’s Gay scene, with regular spots at places such as Bristol Bear Bar & The Queenshilling. In addition to this I play at annual events throughout the year including Bristol Pride plus get involved in various charity fundraisers. As one half of ‘GroovySomething Entertainments’ my mobile DJ work can be quite varied as I tailor each show, playing most styles of music, to suit the customer requests and various types of party themes.


I’ve been playing out for more years than I care to mention, on both the club scene & as a mobile jock. I think it was destined for me to do this as my parents tell me that, as a toddler, I was able to pick out & play whatever record they asked for, even before I was able to read.



How did you get involved with B@SE radio?


I was approached by the station and asked if I wanted to get involved with B@SE Media by presenting a weekly show.

As a person who grew up and is still living in South Bristol, I felt this was a great opportunity to be involved in a local community project that would be of benefit to the people of that area of the city whilst reaching out to a wider audience & enabling them to see positive things from this area. In addition to presenting a show I am also a member of the team of directors of B@SE Media.





Originally I presented a similar dance show on a previous On-line station called Tru Vibes until that station ceased broadcasting.

My current DJ daddi Dance Show on B@SE has twice won the award for ‘Best Community Radio Show’, in the ShoutOut Listeners Awards (2014 & 2015).

My monthly club night ‘BearPit’ @ Bristol Bear Bar has also won an award, i.e. @Best Club Night (runner-up) in the ShoutOut Listeners Awards 2015.


Musical aspirations:


At my time of life, I don’t dream of the bright lights but am happy & contented to be keeping people entertained with my DJing work.



Most Influential Tracks:


Far to many tracks to mention but my main influence is from 70s Disco, Soul & Funk.



Message to the B@SE radio Community:


Enjoy your Community Radio, get involved if you want to and tell all your friends that we are on-line 24 hours a day.


DJ Daddi's Offical Sponsor




Shoutout listeners award 2014




Shoutout listeners award 2015