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Name/Stage Name

Dave Godfrey - DJ Gos



Show title & Genre:


The Sound Library - Rare Groove,Soul,

Funk, Jazz and Blues.

Sun -10am - Noon


Interests & Hobbies:


Crate Digging, Fine Music, Women and Ale.



Musical Background/History:


Drummer with local Punk Band, The Cardboard Cutouts. Bedroom DJ.


How did you get involved with B@SE radio?


I saw a flyer in Hartcliffe, and responded to it.  I love playing music and to be given the chance by the team to air my music on my community radio station is a privilege.




Getting out of bed on a Sunday morning. But on a serious tip, I hope to get the younger audience to keep an open mind in relation to the music they hear and realise they can enjoy anything. Quality music is ageless.


Musical aspirations:


Remain a part of B@se in the future without the restraints of musical producers.


Most Influential Tracks:


Far too many to list.


Message to the B@SE radio Community:


Get involved, support the station and the community.

Spread the word and tune in, like us on social media and enjoy the sounds.