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Name/Stage Name: 


Gary Bishop “aka” Gary B


Show title & Genre:


The memory lane show

Sat 12pm - 3pm


Interests & Hobbies:


Music, Fishing, The countryside and my family


Musical Background/History:


Back in the early 70's I started up a mobile roadshow, when not working on the road I was working in clubs in Bristol, Bath and Devon. In Bristol I work in clubs such as Reeves Aronos Castle, Vicky's, Bristol Unigate Club, The House That Jack Built, Chessnut, Court Counrty Club and Townstalk.  In Bath I worked at Nero's and in Devon I did a season at Pontin's.

I also worked for other roadshows within Bristol, and built up roadshow's for other people.

I stopped doing Disco's in 1992 when I moved to Scotland, and then my son's friend got me back into music in 2014 at B@SE Radio and I THANK that person for giving me the chance to regain my love of music - that person was SHIPPER's.   

How did you get involved with B@SE radio?


Through Mike Shipway “aka”  Shippers. My love of music was one reason, also to put something back into the community and for people to share my music style.




Back in 1977 I was voted Mobile DJ of the year for the Bristol area. I also did a 25hr nonstop disco for charity.


Musical aspirations:


I would like to be the full time presenter of the afternoon show on B@SE radio when were on FM full time.


Most Influential Tracks:


Stranger on the shore – Acker Bilk (my mothers favourite tune)

The soul city walk – Great soul classic

Thriller – Michael Jackson (The best track of all time)


Message to the B@SE radio Community:


Thank you all for your support you have given to me since I have been on air. Please continue to support the show and all the other presenters here at B@SE radio. Without your support we would not be here, so please keep it up.


Thanks Gary B

You could be

Gary B`s

Offical Sponsor