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Presenters Name


Rodney in the Mix


Show Title / Genre


Groove Control Show – Reggae, Soul and RnB classics from the 60s to the 00s


Interests & Hobbies


I am an electrician by day, but I do enjoy various sports, socialising. DJing is high on my list as it’s something I do most weekends.


Musical Background / History


I used to play drums for many years; I have always been a big fan of the steel drums also. I got into Djing young, around the age of 15. Mostly doing local youth clubs, friends parties. Eventually I started doing the mobile DJ circuit. Now I combine mobile DJ with Club DJ work.


How did you get involved in B@SE radio?


I have listened to radio in general for some time, with smart phones these last few years the choice is now massive.


I have always wanted to be on radio, but never really knew where to start. I got together with the guys and thought this is as good a chance as any. So here we are local and live for your listening pleasure.


I love the feel and vibe that B@SE  radio has. There are some great presenters here also. As a family, this will be a great adventure.




Being part of the B@SE family is an achievement for me. There are many more in my life including my wonderful family


Most influential tracks


Lionel Richie – All night longJackson 5 – I want you back & ABCMidnight Star – Midas touchDebarge – Rhythm of the night


With so much more to many to list


Message to the B@SE radio Community


Music is a universal language, so it’s great to be able to play to the community the musical influences that have shaped what we hear today.