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Stevie Paul Official Sponsor

Name/Stage Name   

Steven Paul / DJ Stevie Paul                                          


Show title & Genre:


Stevee Paul's My Music, Your Dedications

Tues - 4pm - 6pm


Interests & Hobbies:


Music & Martial Arts



Musical Background/History:


I became a mobile DJ a few years ago. I had a musical passion with motown and soul. I loved the history of this music, especially Motown and there struggle as artists, bringing black music in to white american homes. In the 1960s they themselves suffered oppression. There life was tough but they had a leader and visionary in Berry Gordy and the funk brothers, the Motown House Band with  the legendary writers dozier and Holland plus smokey Robinson. It was a match made in heaven and the house Berry purchased had a sign over it Hitsville USA God bless America and did they ever  produce some fantastic hits, still played today by myself DJSteveepaul and others Fifty Years Later


How did you get involved with B@SE radio?


I got involved with base radio answering a local advert for presenters, its not as hard as you think ,yes you could do what i do, you may even be better,  go on give the station a call you may be surprised of your hidden talents




My achievements are firstly i am a mobile DJ and that alone is  amazing, its hard work and can be rewarding but if you just wait for the phone to ring you may be disappointed. You have to work at this and as they say, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I think I am still chasing a carrot because I have not seen that unless my glasses are broke and I need to go to the optician. I am hopeful of the future, I always say this is going to be my year. Maybe I have found a home in base radio Bristol. As I say on my jingle on Mondays on my show, they are the radio station  of the future and ladies and gentleman the future is now. 


Musical aspirations:


My Musical Aspirations has to be the best at what  i can, producing a variety of music in Motown Soul Disco Funk, different every week  for you our audiences the people that turn on to all our shows that make us different from the digital or FM Stations .


However i would like in the next couple of years to win recognition for my efforts as a radio DJ for people to turn on a radio source  and my show would be listed  because i am always educating myself  and would like my passion of music to bring to a wider audience and share this magical journey  with  me where i can take you the listeners on a musical journey of unforgeable music and memories.


I would like in the next five years to be a major part of base radio Bristol building up a following have are own radio station beyond windmill city farm because we are growing and as we became bigger the tiny studio we have now will have to grow with us and that means expansion but as always that has a cost value so if you are a company and want to expand your portfolio push your buisnis forward  we welcome your contact.


Most Influential Tracks:


Blowing in the wind  Steve Wonder

You cant hurry love  The Supremes

Jimmy Mack Martha Reeves and the Vandellas


Message to the B@SE radio Community:


tune in with us, the radio station of the future many different presenters  playing out to you the community and the world there is so many  repeats on television turn to radio and enjoy what we have on offer at base radio Bristol we are different, innovative interesting people  we all are volunteers and we do this not for fame but for the enjoyment of sharing our passions to you are audiences thank you for listening because it is people like yourselves that spend your valuable time to press that button you are very much appreciated .