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Name/Stage Name   


Terry Star

Cary Avery


Show title & Genre:


Midweek Alternative Mix

Indie, New Wave, punk, Intelligent pop, Electro, Brit pop, Alt Rock

Weds 7pm - 9-pm


Interests & Hobbies:


Terry : Radio is my first passion, and media/communications generally. I also love science fiction and am something of a "Whovian".  Food from around the world and fine coffee. 



Musical Background/History:


Terry : My first single at 4 years of age was "You're the one that i want" from Greece (1978) Listening to radio stations like radio west (Forerunner of G.W.R.) got me into my first appreciation of music as i grew up.


Cary : Guest DJ at psycho drama - an alternative nightclub



How did you get involved with B@SE radio?


Terry : I saw an excellent feature on the station in a commmunity newsletter "WHAM" And networked with the L.G.B.T. Magazine programme I am involved with to ensure it goes out on B@SE Radio


Cary : My good friend Terry suggested it as I wanted to DJ more regulary and he has a solid background in community Radio. We both thought it would be an exciting and billiant opportunity to expand on what we already do and learn a bit more along the way





Terry : Community radio for the south bristol is a cause close to my heart. I was a youngster when I made my debut on T.N.T. Radio the area first specialised service in 1990, of course this was before legal community radio was introduced so it ran as landbased pirate


Cary : From our  training sessions on air, we have received great feedback from the directors other trainees and postings on facebook. We have had great feedback from psycho drama and what was originally a one-off slot has led to me being on the roster of guest DJs 



Musical aspirations:


Terry : Doing Radio! Communicating with people gives me such pleasure, I hope i'm still involved in broadcasting


Cary : Being  a complete novice to radio, I'd just like to enjoy our show and build up a regular listenership for now.                                  



Most Influential Tracks:


Terry : John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John - You're the one that i want (1978)

           Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck (1990)

           Empire of the sun - Walking on a dream (2009)


Cary : Elastica - Connection

           Neu! - lsl

           Ccadttron - Playgirl


Message to the B@SE radio Community:


Terry : Community radio belongs to a long tradtion of people's media, going back to the self publishing movement of the 1600s.

It was a hard fought campaign and I'm delighted that small scale radio has come of age in the last decade. B@SE Radio is run for the benefit of south Bristol by a dedicated band of enthusiasts and I'm pleased to be part of the team.


Cary : I want to bring people's attention to tracks that you might not hear on other stations that really deserve an audience, tracks that I feel really passionate about and tracks to hopefully make you smile and think, thats Brilliant!



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